The following changes were made to the 2018 competition:

  • Only the top two debate entries at the State Final will compete in Round 4. Speech events will include only three rounds. Only this Round 4 will be used to determine the final ranking of these PF entries. Non-competing students will be encouraged to view this round. Two to three judges will score the PF Round 4.
  • A school must have six entries to qualify as a team. Schools with fewer than six entries may not advance to the State Final but individuals may advance if they qualify.

Regional competitions will be hosted on April 14, 2018 at the sites shown below:

  • Meadowview MS in Surry County
  • Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte
  • Fayetteville site TBD
  • Triangle area site TBD

The State Final will be May 5 at a host school to be determined.

Extemporaneous Speaking Topics for 2018:

  • Regional Round 1 - Commerce
  • Regional Round 2 - US-Russia Relations
  • State Round 1 - North Korea
  • State Round 2 - Cybersecurity
  • State Round 3 - Immigration

Public Forum Debate Topic for 2018: Resolved: NCAA Student Athletes ought to be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

We have resources to help new coaches understand forensics and judges to prepare to judge the events. The Prezi required for all judges is here.

The judge training video for Public Form Debate is here.

A video to help understand Public Forum Debate is here.

All ballots are now posted in the resources section of our website. They can also be found here for Speech events and here for Public Forum Debate.

This link from the National Speech and Debate Association may be used to access the rules which will be used to govern the actual events:

Complete rules are included in the NCASA competition rules linked here. All registration and competition dates are now posted on the calendar.

Events (and number of students per entry)

  • Humorous Interpretation (1)
  • Dramatic Interpretation (1)
  • Extemporaneous Speaking (1)
  • Original Oratory (1)
  • Duo Interpretation (2)
  • Public Forum Debate (2)

Each school may have a maximum of 3 entries per event. Each school may have a maximum of 12 total entries.

Sweepstakes points will be awarded to the top ten entries in each event with first place earning 10 points, second place 9 points, and so on to tenth place earning 1 point.