NCASA held the Twelve State Finals Saturday, December 14 at Rogers-Herr Middle School of Durham. The high school division was nip and tuck all the way to the final round with four teams vying for first place. After the final round, Ardrey Kell HS and Myers Park HS were tied for first place. These teams competed in an overtime round which also ended in a tie. The competition was declared a tie with both teams being crowned as co-Champions with 111 points. These two schools finished one point ahead of Simon G Atkins A&T HS and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy which tied for third place with 110 points.

Rounding out the top six finishers were Northwood HS (97) and Hickory HS (92).

Myers Park won the Algebra / Geometry and World History rounds while Ardrey Kell won the Physical Sciences and US History rounds.

Finishing in first place in the middle school division with a runaway victory was Jay M Robinson Middle School of Charlotte who tallied 76 points.

Finishing in second place was with a final score of 53 was Mt. Airy MS .  Finishing in third place with a final score of 48 was Rogers-Herr MS.

Rounding out the top six were Seventy-First Classical MS, Central MS of Gates County, and Braxton-Craven MS, a sixth-grade only school.

Robinson dominated the competition by winning the final eight rounds.

Trophies were presented to the top three schools.  Medals were awarded to each student from the first, second, and third place schools.  Pictures of all placing schools are available upon request.