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The North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities held the Twelve State Finals Saturday, December 3 in the auditorium of Simon G. Atkins Academic and Technology High School in Winston-Salem. Finishing in first place with a runaway victory was Ardrey Kell High School of Charlotte who tallied 78 points.

Finishing in second place was Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy of Rutherford County with a final score of 62. Finishing close behind in third place with a final score of 61 was Myers Park High School of Charlotte. Also competing in the state finals were Jordan-Matthews HS of Siler City (56 pts), Simon G. Atkins HS of Winston-Salem (46 pts), Southern HS of Durham(39 pts), Early College of Forsyth (39 pts), and Lexington HS (36 pts). Congratulations to everyone who competed in the state finals.

Members of the State Champion Ardrey Kell Twelve:
  • Jennifer Haney, Coach
  • Anna Ballasiotes
  • Emma Baccellieri
  • Ryan Briggs
  • Sanjana Vattigunta
  • Jim Fan
  • Oliver Sun
  • Shouri Gottiparthi
  • Dev Dinesh
  • Sterling Pope
A State Champion trophy was presented to Ardrey Kell High School. Medallions were awarded to each student from the first, second, and third place schools. Pictures of all placing schools are available upon request. In the Twelve State Finals, up to twelve students per team answered questions from twelve different topics mostly from the high school curriculum.

Twelve is the first of twelve competitions that will determine the best high school in the state. The NCASA Scholastic Cup will be awarded to the high school with the best overall performance among the twelve major scholastic competitions in North Carolina. Points are awarded for participation and excellence in the twelve NCASA and partner competitions. For more information on Twelve and the North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities, visit our website at

The eight schools that participated in the Twelve State Competition were also awarded points towards the NCASA Scholastic Cup. The list below shows the current NCASA Scholastic Cup standings:

1.  Ardrey Kell HS - 55 points
2.  Thomas Jefferson Classical - 50 points
3.  Myers Park HS - 45 points
4.  Jordan-Matthews HS - 40 points
5.  Simon G. Atkins HS - 35 points
6 (tie) Southern HS - 30 points
6 (tie) Early College of Forsyth - 30 points
8.  Lexington HS - 20 points

The North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit association of 78 North Carolina high schools. We will also present the State Competition for The Quill, Quiz Bowl, and Glee Club. Our mission is threefold: 1) Promote existing scholastic competitions, 2) Create innovative, enriching competitions, and 3) Reward individuals and schools for participation and excellence.