NCASA will partner with CAM Productions and NC Public Television to present Mastermind - a brand new televised high school quiz bowl type activity. Bookmark this article, as we will update it regularly with additional details as they are developed. Click Read more to see 7/3/17 update.

Update 7/3/17: It is taking longer than expected to connect with the sponsors and partners necessary to present this activity. The first taping will be delayed to the spring or fall of 2018. As specific dates are confirmed they will be posted here.

Update 6/2/17:

  • Name: Mastermind
  • The exact competition format was established. The show will be presented in three segments:
    • Part I: 15 Toss-ups / bonuses will be presented similar to quiz bowl except only one bonus will be presented to the team that answers the toss-up correctly. Toss-ups and bonuses are worth 10 points each.
    • Part II: 4 Lightning Rounds will be presented, 2 to each team. Each round will have a theme. The trailing team chooses the first theme, the leading team chooses second and third, the trailing team receives the last theme. Each Lightning Round will have 10 questions directed to one team only which has 60 seconds to answer these questions. Each correct answer is worth 10 points.
    • Part III: Toss-up questions are asked until time is called. Each correct answer is worth 20 points.
  • Show tapings will be ordered such that only one school (the first Regional finalist) will have to participate on Day 1 and Day 2. All other schools will compete only on Friday OR Saturday, not both.
  • Scholarship money is uncertain at this point, with total prize money expected to be between $50,000 and $125,000.

Update 5/17/17:

  • Four students per team.
  • Distribution of prize money to be determined. More than $50,000 is expected to be awarded.
  • Qualification Requirements:
    • All participating schools must be NCASA member high schools in good standing.
    • Schools may register for the two closest Regional sites to their school, but may participate in just one Regional per year.
    • If greater than 16 schools register for the RTP site, eight teams will be seeded based on their performance in 2016-2017 knowledge-based competitions like Quiz Bowl, Twelve, and Brain Game. Eight additional teams will be chosen from random draw, with a minimum of four new NCASA member schools drawn.
    • If greater than 16 schools register for the second site, the top 16 schools will be chosen based on their performance in fall knowledge-based events such as Quiz Bowl and Twelve.
    • If greater than 16 schools register for the third site, the top 16 schools will be chosen based on their performance in the March 3 NCASA Quiz Bowl Regionals.

TELEVISION - This activity will be televised via all NC Public Television stations statewide starting in October. Episodes will be available online after they have been aired on television.

SCHOLARSHIPS - Over $50,000 in scholarship money and school funding will be presented to participating schools and students.

LOCATIONS - Tapings are expected to take place in Research Triangle Park and Charlotte plus a third location to be determined.

DATES - We expect to tape in Research Triangle Park on September 29-30. Additional tapings on January 5-6 and April. Each taping will last two days but most schools can participate in one day.

NUMBER OF SCHOOLS - Each of the three sites would field 16 teams, or 48 teams total. Each school may field one team.

COST - As with all NCASA competitions, this is free for all member schools. 

REGISTRATION - Registration for the first date will open on September 1. Interested schools should watch emails over the summer as we progress with additional information. New member schools must complete the school registration process (including payment) prior to registering for this competition. Returning member schools must complete school registration seven days prior to the first event. The 2017-2018 School Registration fee is $250 per school plus $0.25 per enrolled student. Use this link to begin the registration process.

We will keep all scholastic directors, Twelve coaches, and quiz bowl coaches updated via email throughout the spring and summer. If you are not on one of these distributions but would like to be added, please contact Leon Pfeiffer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.