Art Showcase challenges artists of different media from different schools in a judged competition that awards both individual and group prizes. Media categories are shown below. Students create their artwork and enter the competition by submitting digital images of their work. Top students' works from each category progress to the statewide competition and are evaluated by judges in-person.

Key Dates for 2022-2023

Sept 7 - Registration Opens

Sept 27 - Prompt Release - prompt is "What's so funny?"

Nov 2 - Registration Closes

Nov 10 - Submissions Due

Dec 10 - State Finals hosted by Atkins High School in Winston-Salem

Media Categories:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Print Making
  • Mixed Media
  • Collage
  • Digital Media
  • Photography
  • Sculpture

Competition Rules

Visit the Art Showcase section of our site.


Sample Prompts:

Water - it is one of Earth's most abundant and precious resources, and one of few substances that occurs commonly in nature as a solid, liquid, and gas. Incorporate water, in one or more of its many forms, into your creation.

PAST PROMPT: "2020: Words and Actions Matter - An Indelible Moment"


How to prepare and compete

1) Assemble students interested in the competition. Explain the rules and format. Use the practice prompts above or create your own and provide feedback to the students. Register for the competition using the link at the top of the page.

2) On the Prompt Reveal date, the prompt will be emailed to all participating schools. These may be presented to the students immediately. Students may begin working on their creation.

3) As many students as you want may participate in the competition. Students may create multiple entries in different media.

4) Before the submission date, the coach will review all submissions and choose the best submission for each media. Only one submission per student may be sent to NCASA. Once submitted to NCASA, works may not be altered.

5) Images of the submissions are sent to NCASA. We will distribute these to judges. We expect to have results back to schools in about one week.

6) The top teams plus the top submissions in each media will be invited to show their work at the State Finals.

7) Judges (a different set from the Regional) will review works and rate each submission. Scores will be compiled and individual and team winners will be announced in the afternoon.

8) Individual state winners will receive trophies. The winning school will receive a trophy. Students from the top three schools will receive medals.