Middle School State Champion Seventy-First Classical Middle School

NCASA presented the State Finals of the 2018 North Carolina Middle School Show Choir Competition on Saturday, April 28 at Hillsde High School of Durham. 


Final rankings are shown below.

1 - William A Hough High School of Cornelius with a rating of Superior

2 - Lake Norman High School - Superior

3 - Simon G Atkins High School - Superior

4 - Hillside High School - Excellent

5 - Overhills High School - Excellent

6 - Triton High School - Excellent

7 - West Brunswick High School - Excellent

Earning a rating of Good were Brunswick Early College and Western Alamance HS.

Director's Award - Cazaya Lewis of Hillside HS

Best Male Solo - Logan Pfluhaughpt of Brunswick EC

Best Female Solo - Sophia Leeman of Hough HS

Best Male Stage Presence - Kaliym Harrison of West Brunswick HS

Best Female Stage Presence - Lynn Odhiambo of Overhills HS

Best Show Design - Lake Norman HS

Best Choreography - WA Hough HS

Best Group Vocals - WA Hough HS

Best New Choir - Brunswick EC

Hough performed songs including Try Everything, Go The Distance, and This Is Me.


The event ended with the middle school division. Show below are the rankings of middle schools.

1 - Seventy-First Classical MS of Fayetteville with a rating of Superior

2 - Randolph Middle School of Charlotte - Superior

3 - Jay M Robinson Middle School of Charlotte - Excellent

4 - Mount Airy Middle School - Excellent

5 - Camden Middle School - Excellent

Earning ratings of good were Hickory Ridge MS, Horton MS, and Mount Mourne School. 

Seventy-First performed a medley from "Motown the Musical".


Director's Award - Natalie Jones of Seventy-First MS

Best Male Solo - Jack Kelly of Randolph MS

Best Female Solo - Ashley Galvez of  Hickory Ridge MS

Best Male Stage Presence - Kyron Johnson of Hickory Ridge MS

Best Female Stage Presence - Haley Burley of Camden MS

Best Combo - Camden MS

Best Show Design - Randolph MS

Best Choreography - Randolph MS

Best Group Vocals - Seventy-First MS

Best New Choir - Mount Airy MS