NCASA hosted its sixth Annual Meeting on May 9 at Atkins A&T High School in Winston-Salem. 

 Elected to the board of directors were the following educators:

  • Elaina Wingfield
  • Heidi Hickox
  • Isaac Frazier
  • Byron Jones
  • Kim Morrison
  • Patricia Ramos

The following officers were elected:

  • Patricia Ramos as president for the first year
  • Jesse Pittard as vice-president for the first year
  • Doug Massengill as treasurer for the second year

The following educators were recognized for their outstanding support of scholastic activities:

  • 2016 NCASA Administrator of the Year: Kim Morrison of Mt. Airy City Schools
  • 2016 NCASA Principal of the Year:  Justin Bartholomew of Northwood High School
  • 2016 NCASA Scholastic Director of the Year: Patricia Combs of Mt. Airy Middle School
  • 2016 NCASA Coach of the Year: Heidi Hickox of Hough High School

Finalists for Scholastic Director of the Year included Janet McElfresh of Central Middle School in Gates County and Amber Longee from Lucas Middle School in Durham County.  Finalists for Coach of the Year included Paul Smith of Guilford Early College and Roberta Heath from Elizabeth City Middle School.

We also recognized two students for their outstanding performance in support of scholastic activities

  • 2016 NCASA High School Student of the Year: Jessica Ruiz of Wayne School of Engineering
  • 2016 NCASA Middle School Student of the Year: Jordan Mitchell of Central Middle School, Gatesville (pictured above)

Congratulations also go to the following Finalists for 2016 NCASA Student of the Year:

  • Mrinal Chanshetty of Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy
  • Bridget Harris of Mount Airy Middle School
  • Melanie Cusick of Brunswick Early College High School
  • Rachael Alvarez of Hough High School

The following Cups were presented:

Unity School Cup: Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy of Rutherford County
School District Cup - Small Districts: Mount Airy City Schools
School District Cup - Medium Districts: Surry County Schools
School District Cup - Large Districts: Cumberland County Schools

NCSSM Challenge Cup - 1A Small Schools - Mt. Airy Middle School
NCSSM Challenge Cup - 2A Large Schools - Jay M Robinson Middle School of Charlotte
NCASA Scholastic Cup - 1A Small Schools - Atkins Academic and Technology High School of Winston-Salem
NCASA Scholastic Cup - 2A Large Schools - Myers Park High School of Charlotte

Congratulations to all our member schools and their students for a wonderful year of scholastic competition!