NCASA hosted its seventh Annual Meeting on May 8 at Atkins A&T High School in Winston-Salem. 

 Elected to the board of directors were the following educators:

  • Tripp Aldridge
  • Justin Bartholomew
  • Jeremy Hartzell
  • Jo Landreth
  • Melissa Leftwich
  • Susan Orr
  • Scott Plaster

The following educators were recognized for their outstanding support of scholastic activities:

  • 2017 NCASA Administrator of the Year: Dr. Kelly Batten of Chatham County Schools
  • 2017 NCASA High School Principal of the Year:  Joe Childers of Atkins High School
  • 2017 NCASA Middle School Principal of the Year: Tripp Aldridge of Harris Road Middle School
  • 2017 NCASA High School Scholastic Director of the Year: Scott Plaster of Atkins High School
  • 2017 NCASA Middle School Scholastic Director of the Year: Jane Clarke of Ligon Magnet Middle School
  • 2017 NCASA High School Coach of the Year: Paul Smith of Early College at Guilford
  • 2017 NCASA Middle School Coach of the Year: Kristin Jacobs of Jay M Robinson Middle School

Finalist for Principal of the Year was William Logan of Hillside High School. Finalists for Scholastic Director of the Year were Aaron Freeman of Northwood High School and Hannah Saunders of Elizabeth City Middle School. Finalists for Coach of the Year were Ravi Sindagi of Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy and Sarah Fulton of Kings Mountain High School.

We also recognized two students for their outstanding performance and contributions in support of scholastic activities. 

  • 2017 NCASA High School Student of the Year: Krithika Senthil of Concord High School (pictured above)
  • 2017 NCASA Middle School Student of the Year: Josie Pfeiffer of Holly Grove Middle School

Congratulations also go to the following Finalists for 2017 NCASA Student of the Year:

  • Gavin Morris of Elizabeth City Middle School
  • Aza McFadden of Horton Middle School
  • Ali Merzazadeh of Atkins High School
  • Eva Joy Edwards of Hough High School

The following Cups were presented:

Unity School Cup: Arendell Parrott Academy of Kinston
School District Cup - Small Districts: Mount Airy City Schools
School District Cup - Medium Districts: Chatham County Schools
School District Cup - Large Districts: Guilford County Schools

NCASA Challenge Cup - 1A Small Schools - Seventy-First Classical Middle School of Fayetteville
NCASA Challenge Cup - 2A Large Schools - Jay M Robinson Middle School of Charlotte
NCASA Scholastic Cup - 1A Small Schools - Atkins Academic and Technology High School of Winston-Salem
NCASA Scholastic Cup - 2A Large Schools - Ardrey Kell High School of Charlotte

Congratulations to all our member schools and their students for a wonderful year of scholastic competition!