NCASA hosted its ninth Annual Meeting on May 13 at Simon G Atkins High School in Winston-Salem. 

 Elected to the board of directors were the following educators:

  • Stephen Church
  • Chip Cathey
  • Jonathan Frantz
  • Isaac Frazier
  • Gary Hales
  • Ashley King
  • Valencia Toomer

The following individuals were recognized for their outstanding support of scholastic activities:

  • 2019 NCASA Volunteer of the Year: Michelle Leeman of Hough High School
  • 2019 NCASA Administrator of the Year: Neil Atkins of Surry County Schools
  • 2019 NCASA High School Principal of the Year:  Bobby Dixon of Chatham School of Science and Engineering
  • 2019 NCASA Middle School Principal of the Year: Robin Willard of Hanes Middle School
  • 2019 NCASA Middle School Scholastic Director of the Year: Shannon Hoffman of Mount Mourne School
  • 2019 NCASA High School Scholastic Director of the Year: Robert Baker of Douglas Byrd High School
  • 2019 NCASA High School Coach of the Year: Virginia Wagner of Lake Norman High School
  • 2019 NCASA Middle School Coach of the Year: Evonne Peterson of Sedgefield Middle School

We also recognized two students for their outstanding performance and contributions in support of scholastic activities. 

  • 2019 NCASA High School Student of the Year: Savannah Wood of Brunswick Early College
  • 2019 NCASA Middle School Student of the Year: Miles Kirkpatrick of The Academy at Lincoln

Congratulations also go to the following Finalists for 2019 NCASA Student of the Year:

  • Natasha Harm of Seventy-First Classical Middle School
  • Jazmine Warren of Hillside High School

The following Cups were presented:

Unity School Cup: Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy of Rutherford County
School District Cup - Small Districts: Mount Airy City Schools
School District Cup - Medium Districts: Surry County Schools
School District Cup - Large Districts: Guilford County Schools

NCASA Challenge Cup - 1A Small Schools - Seventy-First Classical Middle School of Fayetteville
NCASA Challenge Cup - 2A Large Schools - Jay M Robinson Middle School of Charlotte
NCASA Scholastic Cup - 1A Small Schools - NC School of Science and Mathematics
NCASA Scholastic Cup - 2A Large Schools - Simon G Atkins A&T High School

Congratulations to all our member schools and their students for a wonderful year of scholastic competition!