Congratulations to Perfect Intentions from Overhills High School, our 2023 Champion of the Metrographics Printing NC High School A Cappella Competition!

Complete standings from the eighth annual event presented at William A Hough High School on April 21 are shown below. 

1 - Overhills HS - Superior Rating

2 - Simon G Atkins HS - Superior

3 - Triton HS - Excellent

4 - EE Smith HS - Excellent

5 - Lumberton HS - Excellent

 Also performing were Jordan-Matthews HS and The Early College at Guilford.


We also presented several superlative awards:

Best Female Solo- Hanna Church - Overhills HS

Best Male Solo- Ezra DeVane - Overhills HS

Best Vocal Percussion- Ezra DeVane - Overhills HS

Best Choreography- Overhills HS

Joining Ezra DeVane and Hanna Church on the all state a cappella choir:

Traycee Wall and Jeffrey Davis-Chay of Jordan-Matthews HS

Shanaya Haywood, Darick Cromartie Jr, and Timothy Swindell of Lumberton HS

Ashritha Chinapaga of The Early College at Guilford

Tyvhon Davis of EE Smith HS

Ashley Johnson, Chyna Massey, Kimora Smith, and Jeffrey Powers of Triton HS

Nicole Avery and Savanna Weirick of Overhills HS

Destiny Harris and Parker Dishman of Atkins HS


We thank Metrographics Printing for their support of this event!