The first annual Metrographics Printing North Carolina Showcase - Celebrating Excellence in Education, will be the largest education celebration in the history of North Carolina - the "Academy Awards" of North Carolina education. 

NCASA has worked with the NC Department of Public Instruction and many other education associations to develop this event. We will recognize all 2021-2022 major education award winners, including 

  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund NC Teacher of the Year
  • Wells Fargo Principal of the Year
  • Superintendent of the Year
  • Milken Award Winner
  • School Board member of the Year
  • State Champions of all major scholastic competitions

We will also present many awards including

  • NCASA Student of the Year
  • Fine Arts Educator of the Year
  • Humanities Educator of the Year
  • Specialized Instructional Support Educator of the Year
  • Joe Childers Scholastic Cup
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

And present live performances from the following state champions:

  • High School Jazz Dance
  • High School Contemporary / Lyrical Dance
  • High School Hip-Hop Dance
  • High School Student Choreographed Dance
  • Middle School Jazz / Hip-Hop Dance
  • Middle School Contemporary / Lyrical Dance
  • High School Show Choir
  • Middle School Show Choir
  • High School A Cappella

The Metrographics Printing North Carolina Showcase will be the evening of May 14, 2022 presented in the UNC-Greensboro Auditorium. All NC Education Leaders are expected to be present. Much more information on this event is on the website:  We thank our sponsors LabCorp, Deuterman Law Group, and UNC-Greensboro.