Since Twelve is a contest that relies on a wide range of knowledge, the most effective practice will include questions of varying difficulty from various topics. It will also be helpful for students to practice using the tournament format and timing using the Presentations available for download.

A variety of materials are available for team practice. Visit the Resources section on the bottom left of each page to see the Twelve Powerpoints available for download.

Study Recommendations

Twelve relies on deep and broad knowledge that traverses many disciplines. Accordingly, we recommend that students study by reviewing diverse sources of material. In addition to reading and reviewing information, students can practice by quizzing each other about what they read. Below are some suggested sources of study material:

  • AP Exam Study Guides
  • Battle of the Books
  • Classic Literature
  • IB Exam Study Guides
  • Relevant Course Textbooks
  • SAT Subject Test Study Guides